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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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kaepernick - there's a lot of things that are going on that are unjust. and that's something that needs to change. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick explaining why he was sitting during the national anthem and how his stand is impacting his teammates. trump heading back to the bay area. will he spark protests and violence? first, chaos at l.a.x., passengers running for their lives but it turns out it was all just a false alarm. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm peggy bunker. we begin with developing news
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out of los angeles international airport where chaos erupted after reports of an active shooter in one of the terminals. several videos show the chaos, people running down the hallways and some gathering on the tarmac. an investigation at the airport found no evidence of a shooting. the situation did cause mass panic and flight delays. people barricaded themselves in restaurants and bathrooms. people were taken outside on the tarmacs. one man heading to san jose spoke about the panic. >> i just heard screaming and saw hundreds of people running like a black friday stampede but screaming, dropping, falling, everybody cleared out of the seats and ran to the back of the terminal and a lot of us tried to remain calm and make sure we didn't trample babies.
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the tsa started running everybody get out of the terminal. >> lester holt had just arrived at the airport himself. this is video from him. he was coming from sacramento with his wife. they were headed into the terminal when they were warned to stay away. >> i was on the tarmac about to enter terminal four when people started flooding out of the door to the tarmac. there were tsa and other people saying run, active shooter, shots fired. >> back live to l.a.x. at one point there was an faa ordered stop there at l.a.x. that ended at 10:00 our time tonight. look at the approaches here from century all around l.a.x. you can see the backup from both angles of the airport. and flight delays will domino to other cities around the country.
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if you are flying tomorrow, worth a check to make sure your flight is not impacted by this. there are reports that it was a loud noise causing the chaos at the airport. the investigation is currently underway at l.a.x. colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem continues to make national headlines tonight. kaepernick opening himself up to the media for the first time since his protest. marianne favro is joining us with continuing coverage on this. and kaepernick took time with the media and answered questions and explained himself. >> reporter: he did. kaepernick met with reporters for about 20 minute in the locker room saying he is taking a stand on behalf of oppressed minorities and will continue to do this protest until he sees real change in the u.s. today colin kaepernick explained why he remained seated during
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the national anthem on friday night. >> to bring awareness and make people realize what is going on in this country. there are a lot of things that are unjust and people aren't being held accountable for and that needs to change. >> reporter: kaepernick specifically addressed police brutality against minorities and made this comment about the lack of training for officers. >> someone with a curling iron has more education and training than people going out on the streets to protect us. >> reporter: navorro bowman reacted. >> we don't think he is a bad teammate because he decided to voice his opinion on a strong topic but we can't allow it to divide our team. >> reporter: kaepernick's protest has divided fans, some applauding him and others outraged. this man was so upset he lit
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kaepernick 's jerseys on fire and the divisive reactions are likely to continue as kaepernick says he has no intention of backing down. >> i'll continue to sit and stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it is supposed to, i'll stand. >> kaepernick says he believes he is doing the light thing even though it might cost him his career. he said he has talked to other players about his position but has not done any recruiting of players to get them to join him in his protest. the niners will be playing in san diego on thursday in another preseason game. so we'll have to wait and see if any other players join him when he plans to remain seated during the playing of the national anthem. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. before the media session, kaepernick was spotted having a conversation with dr. harry edwards, the team consultant who is a socialologist and civil rights activist. he did not consult with kaepernick before the protest and he confirmed he did not consult with anyone before the protest. the 49ers insider talks about whether the protest will be a distraction to the 49ers. and we'll have coverage on police have made an arrest in this weekend's deadly shooting a s.w.a.t. team arrested the man for allegedly shooting and killing a man outside a downtown bar at 1:30 in the morning on saturday just steps from the sports bar and grill. the victim, a 38-year-old courtney brown was shot in the back. he leaves behind a daughter and
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fiance. it was walnut creek's first homicide of the year. and the man ask fighting for his life after police shot him while running on foot on highway 101 zigzagging his way through traffic. he was on 101 at 2:00 this morning near belmont. the officers say he was running through both sides of 101 and all the lanes in and out of the cars. police tried everything but all their attempts to get him off the freeway didn't work. >> the person resisted, produced a knife and raised it over his head and lunged at the officer. >> the 101 was closed for investigation. the suspect is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. and now to decision 2016. donald trump headed back to the
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bay area, the republican presidential candidate is scheduled to attend a fundraiser on the expense la. christie smith joins us from san francisco where you have been looking at this planned visit and many people wondering considering what happened last time donald trump came to town. what can we expect this go around? >> this is not about big rallies or public appearances. this is all about fundraisers, this swing through the bay area. but the trump campaign is releasing very few specifics. while few details are released about the fundraiser, it shows the contrast here with his democratic challenger. >> we don't know how much he expects to raise but he has a lot to raise if he is going to catch up with hillary clinton. >> in his last bay area visit some supporters were attacked by determine traitors in the south bay. this weekend trump spoke to supporters. >> we're going to have a great
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victory on november 8th. i can tell you. >> reporter: today democrats called on the republican presidential candidate to release his financial information. >> we want to see whatever information he is willing to release. >> reporter: there are reports of a fund raiser in the napa area too but his campaign did not confirm it. he also said he would make a speech on immigration on wednesday in arizona. despite challenges, california is money for candidates. >> california provided 20% of clinton's money and 15% of trump's money. we can expect donald trump to take as much money as he can and spend it elsewhere. after the bay area, trump is expected to make a stop in california's central valley. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much.
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and trump has not received the warmest of welcomings in the bay area. the last time he was here, the supporters and protesters clashed in san jose. there a police officer was assaulted, eggs were thrown at supporters and a few in the crowd were injured. police made close to a dozen arrests at that visit in june. mr. trump was here for the republican convention in april. this is when protesters blocked the entrance to the hyatt hotel. they had to climb over the fence, cross the grass median and cross a road all to get into the event. hillary clinton was also fund raising in the bay area last week. she took the day off today but her supporters continued to go after trump. they are accusing donald trump of planning no events in inner cities and not making any stops in black churches or black colleges. and talk about trump's plan to
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deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. the trump campaign released a new attack ad today blasting clinton for selling access to the state department. do count on nbc bay area for your 2016 decision coverage on air and online we'll post updates during donald trump's bay area visit tomorrow and keeping your updated on the hillary clinton campaign. a street is closed because of a water main break. the road will be closed most of the night and crews try to clean up the mess. the main broke just after 7:00 tonight and no homes in this area or stores nearby, either, are affected. a fire near big sir continues to burn. and firefighters are concerned about a flare up.
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new evacuation warnings have been put into place. the fire has been trying the patience of all involved. people who live in this area should be prepared to leave if the warning is upgraded to an order. the fire has been burning since july 22nd when someone left an illegal campfire burning. one person has been killed fighting the fire and 100,000 acres have been scorched. one of mexico's biggest superstars found dead in his home. how the fans are mourning his loss. united airlines pilots arrested right before they were taking off in their plane. what they are accused of doing. and as we round out the weekend we finished off with sunshine even in san francisco. the coastal clouds cleared out and we had a gorgeous sunset. we'll have a glimpse at the
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labor day weekend coming up after this. two united airline pilots
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arrested saturday morning on suspicion of being under the influence of pretty hard to believe but
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two united airline pilots arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol. they were about to fly from scotland to new jersey. and it's not the first time that pilots have been taken into custody for alleged intoxication. some passengers on that united flight were left shaken and frustrated. >> reporter: authorities say the two pilots are 35 and 40. their identities are not confirmed. they were supposed to be flying united flight 162 scheduled to leave glasgow with 150 people on board but one passenger tweeting what is going on? police in the tunnel, very little information. it turns out the pilots were arrested, suspected of being drunk. >> if you are uncomfortable with a member of your crew, you don't fly with them. the safeguards that are in place
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did in fact work. >> reporter: the crew was replaced and the flight delayed ten hours, landing at 8:45 last night. today other passengers voiced concern. united airlines said the two pilots have been removed from service and their flying duties. we are cooperating with the authorities and will conduct our own investigation as well. a flight to philadelphia cancelled in march american airlines pilot failed two breathalyzer tests before takeoff and arrested. he pleaded no contest and put on probation. in april of last year, a jetblue pilot flew 101 passengers from orlando to new york while allegedly under the influence. yesterday, a reminder of the great responsibility pilots have after an engine problem forced a southwest flight to make an
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emergency landing in florida. >> we are grateful we are still safe and watched over and we have good pilots. >> reporter: as for the pilots arrested this weekend they are being held at a police station in scotland. one of mexico's biggest superstars, juan gabriel has died. fans left follows on his hollywood walk of fame today. he performed in l.a. on friday. he was 66 years old. new video tonight of an overturned semitruck that  blocked a ramp for hours today just before 3:00 in san jose. this is on the southbound montag montag montague expressway. there were no injuries to report. burning man 2016 is
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officially underway tonight and thanks to the live stream the outside world can look in. check it out wet getting all sandy. expect the activities the lights and installations to grow in the coming days. the theme is da vinci's workshop. it takes place the last week of august in the black rock desert. attendance in recent years has topped 70,000 people. >> i would like to check it out. >> i can't wait to hear about it. >> i don't mind being sandy for a week. >> just a little bit of time. bring the goggles. i'm not sure how it's going to be there. usually pretty hot. >> we had morning clouds that cleared out quickly. we may have drizzle on highway 1 and on the golden gate bridge and the coastal ranges but we
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are looking at clouds right now. 63 in san jose. and what you can expect for the week ahead is what we have been looking at. temperatures near 80 in the inland valleys, starting with morning clouds and ending with sunshine. here's the other wild card in the forecast. tuesday we have the potential for seeing dry lightning as a storm system passes through the north. we'll continue to watch that for tuesday morning. labor day weekend looks to stay dry at this point but it will end cool and cloudy. right now, cool and cloudy conditions. you can see san francisco fog building there. 61 degrees. 53 in the south bay and low 60s right now san francisco with low clouds and finish at 66 degrees. 81 in the north bay. and 86 in the tri-valley. here's the futurecast. you'll notice the fog fills in
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the inland valleys tonight. when you wake up you'll have fog. all of that peels back to the coastline tomorrow afternoon. the clouds will clear quicker than today. the winds pick up as well as the storm system pushes through. primarily the coastline tomorrow afternoon. from san francisco to santa cruz. the winds will gust on tuesday as the storm system pushes through the north and we have the potential of lightning strikes in the north bay. low 80s tomorrow for the south bay. expecting a mix of 60s and 70s around the peninsula. 66 tomorrow in san francisco. 78 for santa rosa tomorrow. and expect again another warm day for the tri-valley. mid-80s there. let's talk about what is happening in the tropics. you have heard about florida but i want to take you to hawaii. we have tropical storm madeleine
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that is expected to strength on the a hurricane tomorrow and looks like it is going to brush just the big island alone and pass to the south by wednesday and thursday. if you are traveling in that direction you may run into active weather. the energy is going to move north. and that is going to couple with the storm system passing to the north on tuesday. this is when we could see the potential of lightning strikes tuesday morning. brief and quick. not expecting the system to stick around. but the rest of the week, the storm system we were tracking for labor day looks like it will stay north. just a little bit cooler for labor day. back on over to you. coming up, saved by a sign. a dramatic rescue on a desert island straight out of the movies. it's a rescue -- straight out of
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the movies. take a look -- the u-s coast rescuesays they were able to it is a rescue straight out of the movies. take a look at the aerial pictures here and look down on the sand, the s.o.s. sign. the coast guard rescued the two people stranded on the island for a week because of the s.o.s. sign in the sand. a navy plane spotted the sign. the coast guard then went to the desserted island. they were headed to a different island and veered off course and became stranded there. excited people i'm sure. a team of scientists emerged
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after being kept inside for a year to see what it would will "b" like to go to mars. >> after a year of title isolation today they return to civilization. >> i'm excited. it's the first time we get to be outside. >> six scientists who called themselves martians walked into this dome last august. on the rugged slope of the volcano it's the longest ever nasa mission to understand how a year-long deep space trip would affect astronauts. inside to replicate life, no running water, cooking with freeze dried food and the only window to the outside world. >> the world is a long ways away. you get to play in lava tubes and do science and learn how the cook and there's no rent.
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>> reporter: e-mails with family and friends are on a 20-minute delay. replicating the distance from mars to aurth. they conducted experiments but are they still friends? >> we could use time to talk to other people. >> reporter: and fresh fruit and a beer. saying good-bye to their home sweet dome. coming up, the mother of a nurse hurt on the job said that the worker's comp system let her daughter down when she needed it most. >> they provided a lot of care for laurie. she just needed more. >> reporter: still ahead we investigate what happens when injury workers appeal for more medical care. we return now to that developing
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story out of los angeles. chaos erupted there, after
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we return now to that developing story out of los angeles. chaos erupting after reports of an active shooter at l.a.x. several videos show people here running through the airport some people gathering out on the tarmac. a lot of fear there. people grabbing their bags and making a run for it. an investigation found no evidence of a shooting. but you can see the chaos this caused. widespread flight delays and mass panic. one man heading to san jose from l.a.x. told us what the scene was like. >> i just heard screaming and saw hundreds and hundreds of people running just like a black friday stampede but screaming at the same time, dropping, falling leaving their luggage. everybody cleared the seats and ran to the back of the terminal. >> things are getting back to normal after all of this chaos here. there are reports that a loud noise triggered the scare. the investigation is underway
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right now at l.a.x. they say they don't have a fighting chance to get better. we are digging at a system that workers say unfairly denies their medical claims. >> reporter: our investigation found most of the time reviewers agree people don't need the medical treatment they requested. critics say this proves the deck is stacked against injury workers and it can lead to devastating consequences. >> she was just such a humorous person. >> reporter: laurie maize was always up for a laugh. just ask her mom. joan says her daughter wore her sense of humor. >> i don't mean to offend you. that's just a bonus. >> reporter: as a nurse, laurie helped women with at-risk pregnancies. on a house call in 2003 she
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slipped on the stairs. she got surgery but the pain wouldn't stop. the funny laurie slid into depression. >> so the worker's comp system acknowledged the link between chronic pain and depression and were authorizing treatment for depression? >> yes. >> when drugs stopped working she received transcranial magnetic stimulation and it seemed to be effective. when the doctor requested more treatment it was denied. >> it was devastating. >> reporter: laurie asked for an independent medical review. but the doctor reviewing the case decided to uphold the denial. the week she received the letter her family was at the beach. >> there was a note at the front door saying don't go in the backyard, call the police. i knew what it meant. >> reporter: a suicide note. the family found these notes too. we treat our employs while injured worse than our veterans.
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i'm warn out, drained, depleted, gone. she was 50 years old. >> having parents pass away doesn't prepare you for losing a child. >> reckless disregard for human life. >> reporter: the letter surprised her attorney. >> do you believe the imr decision contributed to laurie's decision? >> without question, it did. >> reporter: laurie's case is extreme. but critics say the independent medical review rubber stamps treatments. we have reviewed data from 2013 to 2015 injured workers contested nearly 600,000 treatment denials. reviewers upheld nearly 90% of the denials. supporters of the system say this number roofs the review process is working. critics have a different take.
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>> it's hard to believe that any system could be that one-sided. >> reporter: in 2013 a law changed the way that disputes are solved. workers used to argue before a judge. now independent reviewers decide if treatment is necessary based on guidelines and some say the guidelines are too rigid. >> does it work in every case? >> of course not. >> reporter: a corporation called maximus won the contract. >> there is no transparency. >> reporter: the reviewers are confidential. that means nameless, faceless doctors are making decisions about medical care about patients they have never seen. the outcomes are final for one year. >> is the review process working? >> reporter: diane is the policy direct for for the california applicant's attorney's association. >> if the treatment the doctor is asking for isn't the right treatment, then the goal should
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be to find what is the right treatment. >> but is system is not designed to do that? >> that's correct. >> reporter: the focus of the law is saving money. system costs are down, $800 million each year but it's gone too far. >> there needs to be a recognition house much suffering there is. >> reporter: research shows that even after imrs 96% of all medical services are approved. in this july report the state writes independent medical reviewers apply state guidelines. >> they don't want to answer your questions. >> reporter: joan continues to mourn the loss of her daughter but she is speaking up to improve worker's comp. >> most of it is for the voice that laurie no longer has. >> reporter: she says the system failed her daughter when she needed it most. >> they provided a lot of care
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for laurie. she just needed more. >> reporter: the department of industrial relations says improvements are ongoing and they are making treatments based on guidelines. encouraging treatment that is proven to work. guys? >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at after mitt light -- midnight a shooting took place in a parking lot. the suspects shot at them and fled. the two men were hit and both have non-life-threatening yours.
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congresswoman spear met with members of the community in san matteo today. she wants congress to call a vote for universal background checks and banning terrorists from being able to buy guns. >> to make the point you should be able to go to a church or movie theater or school or dance club and not fear for your life. >> people gathered at the uniontarian church. they chose to do the sit in at a church in honor of the church shooting in south carolina last year. and to follow up to the fire we brought you last night. crews worked until 4:00 in the morning to put out the fire. it was first reported at 9:00 last night and started in one storage unit and spread to the others. the damage is really expensive.
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no one was hurt. about three years ago a different fire ripped through this same public storage facility destroying a lot of belongings. coming up next, questions around italy's deadly earthquake. some say the government didn't do enough to protect the building from earthquakes and time is running out to find any other survivors under the rubble. we have much more on colin kaepernick's stand for justice including if is it a distraction for the 49ers and what this means for his future with the team. our insider weighs in next in sports.
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while colin kaepernick has found himself battling for a roster spot this season he has also found himself fighting for what he believes in. before the 49ers took the practice field today he was embraced by dr. harry edwards, a 49ers consultant who is a long-time civil rights activist. kap says he will continue to sit until major changes are made. matt maiocco has more. >> reporter: obviously some teammates came in this morning not feeling good and not supportive about what colin kaepernick did for the first three exhibition games. friday night is not the first time he has taken a seat on the bench. some of leaders started a conversation and asked colin kaepernick to explain himself and he did. >> it's to make people realize what is going on in this
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country. you have people who practice longer than lawyers and go to school for eight years but you can become a cop in six months and don't have to have the training. that's insane. i mean, someone that's holding a curling iron has more education and training than people who have a gun and going out on the treat to protect us. i'm going to continue to sit and stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change. and when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it is supposed to i'll stand. >> reporter: i don't know that the team can use this as any kind of aspect that would interinto thing football decision making. to a larger degree, the team could look at his contract for next year.
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it's a similar one to this year but next year it's $14.5 million guaranteed. he hasn't been healthy or played well when he has the opportunity. blaine gabbert looks like he's going to be the starting quarterback. so does the team want to keep him around and run the risk of having to get him on the field, his salary is guaranteed but if he sustains another injury like last year, the 49ers would be on the hook for more than $15 million next year. all of this goes into kgs when the 49ers make the call of whether colin kaepernick is going to be on the roster this season. right now it's not a sure thing. giants and braves. it was a big day for joe panik. panik goes into the arcade for a solo shot. makes it 2-1 giants and he wasn't done. fourth inning, panik. see you later.
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this time a two-run shot. his first career multihome run game and the flood gates opened after that. and madison bumgarner gets the win after get more than enough run support. the giants win 13-4. the dodgers also won. the giants are still two games back in the nl west standings. that's it for sports, more news after the break. be found in the rubble of
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wednesday e a terrible reality settling in in central italy that more survivors may not be found in the rubble of the earthquake that killed 300 people. authorities promise to investigate whether building codes were ignored. >> reporter: hope for finding survivors is all but gone. this is a nation in mourning in greiss. pope francis dedicating the sunday prayer services to the victims and announcing plans to visit the region himself. italian museums donating the o proproceeds on sunday to help. >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: in amatrice, the hardest hit area, the village where most of the casualties
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took place, emergency teams began to clear the rubble this morning. they are using heavy bulldozers, moving piles of rock and overhanging structures to make that area safer. they are still experiencing aft aftershocks. the focus on the recovery efforts. there are potential openings of investigations into possible shoddy building practices but mounting anger over whether the government has done enough to prepare for these kinds of events and address the outstanding problems. >> the emergency services are greater than the demand from those in need. there are several people sleeping in their cars or made different choices. >> reporter: 40% of italy's population lives in earthquake-prone regions. should the government address the aftermath in a better way?
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you can see the sea of tents behind me. 2500 people lost their homes in this instance. but how many more have to lose their homes and lives before the authorities take it more seriously? mark zuckerberg is heading to roman for a q & a with the facebook community. he is currently in italy for a friend's wedding and announced he will be in roman tomorrow for a town hall. he wants to spend time with the italian community after the devastating earthquake and comfort some of the people there after observing 300 people that were killed. meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with the forecast. >> we have temperatures cooling off a little bit for this week. you will notice that by the end of the week as we close out summer unofficially labor day next monday and temperatures will cool off a little more
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below average. we have been below average the last couple of days. here's what you can expect as we get you going through the week ahead. 63 in san jose. the clouds are starting to filter in across the bay area. it will be a warm, sunny day tomorrow. but here is the wild card in the forecast tuesday. there is potential for dry lightning in the north bay. after that quiet weather returns and temperatures cool off for labor day weekend. the clouds are moving in the peninsula. same deal for san francisco. partly cloudy in the bay area. the clouds haven't inundated just yet. 86, a warm one for the tri-valley. and 75 for the peninsula. here's the futurecast. the clouds filter back to the tri-valley and the delta. tomorrow expect cloudy skies even as late as 8:00.
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san jose still looking at clouds all the way through the east bay. a cloudy start and clearing out by lunchtime and sunshine in the afternoon. winds pick up as well. the weak system will brush up against the coastline. we'll see winds tomorrow afternoon start to gust from san francisco down to half-moon bay 15 to 20 miles an hour and then they kick up on tuesday especially across the north bay as the system could offer a few lightning strikes in the north bay. the forecast tomorrow, low 80s for the south bay. looking at a mix of 60s and 70s forever the peninsula. 66 for san francisco. 76 for napa. 74 for oakland and mid 85 for the tri-valley. we were talking about madeleine work toward hawaii. and by the time we get to tuesday that coupled with the
11:51 pm
storm system to the north could trigger light showers north over to the coastal mountains in the north bay. that's where we have the best chance of lightning strikes tuesday morning. the next storm system is on labor day. it looks like the rain will stay north. the temperatures cool off next weekend. for san francisco cool and cloudy in the 60s for the next seven days. >> autumn is in the air. coming up, a new way to fight zika but not without controversy. it is a plan that scientists say sounds like a plot line from jurassic park but could just work. a new push tonight to get
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control of the zika outbreak, by the same way it's being spread. we're talking about genetically modifie a new push to get control of the zika outbreak by the same way that zika is being spread, genetically modified mosquitoes.
11:54 pm
it is approved by the fda but is it safe? >> reporter: in the sleepy florida keys in the thick of hurricane season there is a political storm brewing, a fight over government, science and zika. >> i would feel like a guinea pig. >> reporter: the giant control district is planning to be the first u.s. testing ground for genetically modified giamosquit. they would be released in key haven. critics are calling jurassic science. >> what is objected to is the safety. >> reporter: the eggs would be injected with a specific gene. when they hatch the males are released. when their mate with females their offspring die more quickly. >> we have done trials in brazil
11:55 pm
where in every case we have shown a 90% of control within six to nine months. >> reporter: the debate has intensified among mounting fierce of zika. with no cases of homegrown zika in the keys, opponents say the risks outweigh the benefits. >> it cannot be recalled. once they are out there they are out there. >> reporter: they are mounting a campaign to vote down two referendums on the plan this november. we'll be right back.
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well, taking a look at the weather as we get ready for the workweek ahead. we are talking about the end of
11:58 pm
summer. >> labor day, coming our way next monday and temperatures will cool off in a big way. this week not so much. but next weekend you're going the start to feel the temperatures cooling off. san francisco not much wachange there. but breezy. and we see a good amount of sunshine the temperatures in the 50s. >> a cool off there. it looks good. thank you for joining us. have a great workweek ahead. see you tomorrow.
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you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight we investigate. a fire captain nearly dies on the job. >> just crushing. >> then is denied medical treatment. we examine what many call a broken worker's compensation system. plus problems with the county child abuse hot line. >> we are not meeting the needs of the community. >> do you have any idea how many other restaurants are taking advantage of the loophole? >> many to. >> we uncover how san francisco restaurants are wiping their dirty records clean. >> but first, we tied her up with duct tape and they shot


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